Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Climate change and global warming
– Designing the future: a new society and a new economy? 
– Ecology and ecosystem management
– Energy technologies and sustainability
– Environmental education
– Environmental impact assessment and mitigation
– Environmental planning, management and policies
– Food waste
– Forest and biodiversity conservation
– GIS for health Management
– Global, national and local sustainable development
– Green city
– Green energy and renewable energy
– Green transportation
– Implementing sustainable development goals
– Industrial pollution
– Innovation in health and environment applications
– Knowledge society. 
– Public health, policy and law and environment
– Responsible Research and Innovation and research ethics
– Smart cities for a Sustainable Development
– Spatial environmental planning
– Sustainable development and education
– Sustainable development goals and social engagement. 
– The environmental footprint of tourism
– Pandemics and sustainable development